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The Last Trip

In 2018 - 2019 we used the free spirit of Vanlife to search for adrenaline kicks throughout The Americas. The goal? Driving from outdoor paradise to outdoor paradise across two continents. From Canada to Patagonia we tried to get on top of every lump and into every water hole we came across.


Of course, we hit a lot of bumps on the way. Vanlifing seems magical: Sleeping on secluded beaches, meeting tons of local people, drinking cocktails in the sun... But nobody ever talks about the parking lots, beaches full of annoying sand flies and burning or freezing temperatures that come your way too.

We did of course have a blast. We did get to sleep on secluded beaches, we did make friends for life and we visited unimaginable beautiful places. We would start driving again in a heartbeat. But we are firm believers of honest and critical reviews. Throughout this website you will find things to do AND things not to do. 


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Here we summarize our trip with a collection of random facts. Click on the pictograms below to view the specifics.


Harrison Ford

Age: 13

Expert of the team in: Hopefully driving

Rookie in: Used to be snow, but with our brand new all terrain snow rated tires 'The Van' will cruise trough snow

Countries: 3

Continents: 1

'Fun' fact: The Van already got stuck in snow so we had to leave him behind (before we had new tires)

-> Update, by now Harrison got stuck 3 times. Not sure if the new tires are helping that much...

Welcome to our website.


First, a little information about us. We are Britt and Jeroen from Belgian and we could be called climbers, vanlifers, hikers, mountaineers and even surfers sometimes. Above all we are outdoor lovers trying to spend as much of our time Hiding Outside as we can.

So, what can you find here?

Our last trip involved driving from Canada to Argentina in our self-build van. During this epic trip we crossed A LOT of land and found some awesome places to enjoy outdoor adventures. And we would like to make these adventures accessible to you! Take a look at the outdoor trips page for loads of inspiration or just read on a bit.

Thank you so much for visiting us and we hope to see you out there!



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