Age: 28

Expert of the team in: Diving

Rookie in: Surfing

Countries visited: 27

Continents visited: 5

'Fun' fact: Britt is a forgetful being. Once she needed to walk home bike in hand, since she had misplaced the key. Arriving home she realized that she had no house key and no working cell phone... This resulted in a night sleeping in front of the house, waiting until someone opened the door. Good luck Jeroen!



Expert of the team in: Moutaineering and Skiing

Rookie in: Diving

Countries visited: 22

Continents visited: 3

'Fun' fact: Jeroen can be a clumsy being. While hiking and camping in Hungaria Jeroen managed to almost sever his finger while chopping wood. Did we already mention they were in the middle of nowhere? They ended up walking through the night in pursuit of a ride to the Hospital. Luckily the digit was saved. Good luck Britt!

Harrison Ford

Age: 13

Expert of the team in: Hopefully driving

Rookie in: Used to be snow, but with our brand new all terrain snow rated tires 'The Van' will cruise trough snow

Countries: 3

Continents: 1

'Fun' fact: The Van already got stuck in snow so we had to leave him behind (before we had new tires)

-> Update, by now Harrison got stuck 3 times. Not sure if the new tires are helping that much...

Bob and Stuart

Age: 3

Experts of the team in: Climbing

Rookies in: Swimming

Countries visited: 9

Continents visited: 2

Fun fact: Your butt becomes infinitely more interesting to other people when Bob or Stuart are hanging off it. Want to get your bottom in the picture? Grab yourself a minion!

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