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Rock Climbing

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Indoor Climbing

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Backcountry Skiing


Our experience


Hi! We are Jeroen and Britt, the guinea pigs for these outdoor trips. All of the outdoor trips shown above were enjoyed and logged by us. We have provided a scoring system with these trips based on our own experience. It is important to point out that we are mere outdoor enthusiasts with no pro skills in any of the sports mentioned above. Therefore, it is safe to say that anyone could go out and enjoy our trips between rookie and advanced levels. So have fun and see you out there!


How do I get started with this map?


The outdoor map above is an interactive map that shows all of our outdoor trips on their exact location. For the best experience follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the play button. For mobile devices: If the play button is invisible at first, move the map around a bit until it appears on the screen.

  2. Move the map around by clicking and holding inside the map boundaries.

  3. Zoom between the map boundaries to zoom in or out.

  4. Scroll next to the map to move the map as a whole.

  5. Use the colored icons to direct you to your sport of interest. The legend can be found directly under the map.

  6. Use the drop down menu on the right hand side to view all the trips sorted by sport (not compatible on the mobile site).

  7. The starting point or parking location is indicated by a pin. Optionally, the related trail is indicated with the same name and color as the pin.

  8. Select a trip of your interest by clicking on the icon or on the trail to view the summarized details of this trip.

  9. Use the arrow in the upper right corner to be directed to the full log of this outdoor trip.


Alternatively, use the buttons in the legend below to choose the sport of your liking. Afterwards you will be directed to a page where you can choose your country of interest. This will direct you to the page that has all of our options for this sport in this country.


Scoring system


We have tried to rate all of our trips objectively to the best of our abilities. However, since every trip was experienced on a specific time of the year, conditions may be very different when you visit these places yourself. Additionally, our own experience level may influence the scoring unintendedly. To provide you with some more background of our scores, the summary gives a brief explanation of why we rated a trip in a certain way.


  • Favorite score: This score gives an indication of how much of a must-do the trip is.

    • 0: Complete crap

    • 0,5: Normal crap

    • 1: Has potential, but better things exist

    • 1,5: Fun, recommended if you are passing by

    • 2: Really fun, when visiting the general area include this in your itinerary

    • 2,5: Extremely fun, build your vacation around it and drive around to include it

    • 3: The best thing ever! Make this your number one priority


  • Intensity: This rating gives an indication of how hard you will have to work to finish the trip.

    • Not worth a mention: Literally a 5 min stroll in the park

    • Easy: Your heart gets to work, but do not expect to feel tired after this one

    • Intermediate: A good work out with elevated heart rates

    • Hard: Get yourself ready for some hard work and some sore muscles afterwards

    • Extreme: Here you die!


  • Rookie score: This rating gives an indication of how much skills or prior knowledge you need to start the trip.

    • Rookie: Everyone can start this trip without any safety issues: a well marked hike, gym top rope climbing, low bouldering, foam surfing, snorkeling in tranquil waters, …

    • Basic skills: Basic knowledge of the sport is required to go out safely: an unmarked hiking trail, lead sport climbing, surfing with currents, a short 2 day trekking…

    • Intermediate skills: A little more advanced knowledge is required to go out safely: hiking in the snow with minimal rope techniques, multipitch climbing, easy trad climbing, open water dive sites, longer trekkings with hard passages, …

    • Advanced skills: Advanced knowledge is required to go out safely: mountaineering with glacier passing and rocky sections in rope, hard trad routes and multipitch trad, alpine climbing, long trekkings with bush wackings, advanced open water dive sites, surfing on rocky sections, …

    • Expert skills: You have to be an expert in this sport to go out safely: Ice climbing, long and very exposed technical summits, big wall climbing, …


Room for improvement


We are definitely not perfect! Are you missing information on a specific trip or in general? Do you think the rating is off? Is there something wrong with a location? Let us know and we will look at it as soon as possible!