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Back into the US

10 APR 2019 - 21 APR 2019

What do you know.. 10 minutes back into the US and we are already treated to ranges and ranges of bison. Sorry Canada but we already like it here.

We passed McDonald Falls during our run

Winter is still here!

First stop: Glacier National Park. We are not going to lie, Montana had some surprises for us as well. For instance, winter in Glacier is a very broad term and includes April. Most of the

park was closed, but we did get to squeeze out one great trail run here! Random snowfalls did actually follow us down into Montana, but somehow we didn't mind it so much here. Running through the magnificent forest raised our spirits very high.

Here comes the sun

Finally the sun comes out and what a perfect place to do it. Again some friendly people helped us on the way to the Bitterroot National Forest an hour's drive south of Missoula. We have been raving about this place on our instagram posts and we are not going to stop now! What a wonderful forest to stay for free! (Yes that's right)

We kept ourselves busy by bouldering a couple of days and doing our first trad multipitch. Wauw, this was sooo scary! Firstly, for the climbing, on our own placed gear, 150 m (500 ft) up. Secondly for the 1000 of ticks we had to beat of our skin on the way down. Yikes! Definitely watch out for the tick time of year: they are literally mobbing you!

Next up: Yellowstone National Park. We had been looking forward to this park for weeks and it was our last chance to spot Wildlife so we had our fingers crossed! Come on bearsies 👀

Time to update our fastfood preferences so far:

1. Five guys (hands down) 2. Subway 3. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 4. A&W 5. Jack in the box 6. Wendy's

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