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From night owls to early birds

Leaving day..

A lot more hectic than anticipated, including a last minute trip to the tropical institute for Britt (4 hours before leaving for the airport --> Whoopsie). Oh well, at least everyone is vaccinated for yellow fever now.. More importantly, we made it to the airport on time and all our bags were accepted! First victory! 115+ kg worth of random stuff aboard: check! In the future we will be posting the actual gear that we chucked into our Van when everything is organized. Keep an eye out for that one, if you’re interested in starting the #vanlife yourself.


Airplane view: First glimpse of Greenland

First from Amsterdam to Oslo, an overnight sleep in our own fortress of luggage, then a morning flight from Oslo to London (Yes, you are reading this correctly), afterwards the long haul from London to Los Angeles with an impressive glimpse on Greenland, followed by a rush through the LAX airport and lastly a first class flight from LA to Seattle. As rookies of first class flying, we were impressed with the service, the warm nuts and the lovely sleep we got. We just had a mildly tense moment when it appeared we weren’t going to be able to land at Seattle airport due to the snow piles on the tarmac, but the pilot made it work. At last our final destination was within reach. Welcome to Seattle or must we say Snowmageddon…

Jeroen and Daisy surviving snowmageddon.

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