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Meet Harrison Ford

First up, meeting the guest family which were so generous to take us in and help us out. We can’t thank Michael and Anne enough for making this part as easy as possible. It was clear from the very start, we would be having everything we needed to start a van conversion, only one thing missing…

Sadly, the van searching was off to a very slow start. Apparently snow in Seattle is as unusual as in Belgium and with that snow came pros and cons. It was indeed hard to travel around and a lot off shops and offices were closed, but on the other hand no other tourists were searching for vans in this weather. After 4 days of searching it happened, we adopted Harrison as our home to be! In retrospect this part went quite easy. Now the actual hard part...

Meet Harrison Ford

From zero to home

While we stayed in Seattle for 3 weeks, we spent 18 days on the actual conversion which was responsible for a bite of around €2500 ($2900) out of our budget. The complete breakdown of the working hours and used materials will be addressed in our first info blog, but here come the random facts. First of all, we had almost no experience with wood works or electronics before we started this project. The know how actually came from roaming the internet and viewing A LOT of YouTube videos. Gradually we figured out a design that could work for us and hoped that the practical part would follow. We started with our hopes up and our knowledge low, as real rookies you might say. When we had no idea what to do, we roamed a little more on the internet. We believe we did some things very right and we probably did some things very wrong. Who knows.. only time will tell. We have not become expert van conversionists, but we have learned a lot about building a van in the freezing cold. So believe us when we say, if we can do it.. you can do it!

Leaving day - The sequel

Very excited and very nervous to be really leaving. Now the adventure actually starts. First up: a test ride around Seattle to finally see the area we've been working in for 3 weeks. For up-to-date following of the trip check our polarsteps page. Alright, we're off again, see you when we're back on the grid!

Random Fact

Once in a while we have some random things to share with you. This time it's our favorite fast foods so far...

  1. Jack in the box

  2. Wendy's (and last)

More will follow for sure…

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