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24 JUL 2019 - 5 AUG 2019

Straight back into it: Mexico part 2

1500 Km from the ferry: The unplanned stop at the Izta (We can’t pronounce or spell the whole name). The highest point on our list of Mexico (literally and metaphorically) was to attempt the Izta. (5230 m) We had actually given up on the idea on the way there due to buckets of rain each day, but we went to have a look anyway. The tourist info in the village basically said that there was no way. The park attendants, however, told us it was entirely possible if you leave VERY EARLY. We choose to believe the park attendants! Up we went, to sleep at the highest point yet (4000 m). Now, normally we wouldn’t start at 2 in the morning, but we needed to get up and down before the rain started at 10 AM. The attempt went well for the first part until we noticed we had missed a turn somewhere. This error meant turning around, looking for the path again and losing a lot of precious time. After another hour or so we saw a storm coming in from afar and we got cold feet. Frankly, we weren’t really feeling it. We were both tired, getting a little headache and everything felt hard. It just wasn’t meant to be, so we turned around and got back to the van without seeing a glimpse of the Izta or his larger active brother: the Popo. You've got to love these names right? I guess you win some, you lose some, but it still stings a little when you have to turn around.

1600 Km from the ferry: The even more spontaneous stop at La Malinche. After our ‘failure’ on the Izta we were very eager to try another volcano as soon as possible. A weather window opened just 2 days later and we decided on a whim to hurry to La Malinche and charge up it. No technical skills needed here, but nevertheless a though hike to 4440 m. And with that Britt had topped her highest mountain evah! This time we were rewarded with a view on the Pico de Orizaba and a lovely encounter with Jacob.

We are still extremely grateful for what followed after. We descended with the 3 of us and then Jacob invited us to the spare apartment of his parents. Seriously, this kind of generosity means so much to us. The ability to have a non moving home even for one day is really precious, not to mention the fact that we are able to take 2 showers in 2 days: Whuuuuut?! Thank you again Jacob!

2600 Km from the ferry: the city of colorful doors – Campeche. After such a big high it was bound to go down again. Everything went well when arriving at Campeche. We had a lovely stroll around and really loved all the colorful doors. Then we decided we needed some stickers to give Harrison a proper look. No idea how it happened, but all at once we closed all of our doors and were standing outside without a key!

YEP, WE LOCKED OURSELVES OUT OF HARRISON IN THE MIDDLE OF MEXICO. Only one way to deal with this of course… Let the friendly lady of the sticker shop call a locksmith who came an hour later to pickpocket our door :-D. This will probably be the only time we are actually happy someone broke into our car!

2900 Km from the ferry: Cenote Acancun Azul. We don’t need to waste many words on this one. It was a lovely stop on our way to the coast to cool off and enjoy a privately owned cenote which was located in someone’s backyard. And so we had fun! Oh yes, and it was iguana paradise as well.

3000 Km from the ferry: Las Coloradas. For the first time ever during this trip of ours, we hit the Atlantic! Okay so at Los Colorados we actually hit the Golf of Mexico, but still close enough. We made a small detour for this stop because we wanted some pink action. And after just driving around a bit we definitely got that. Flamingoes grazing relaxed through the shallow waters behind Los Colorados and some really really REALLY pink waters right in town.

3050 Km from the ferry: WHAAAAAALE SHAAAAARK. So, this is the actual reason we drove a mere 1000 km extra through Mexico (WHOOPS!). One of Britt’s dreams since forever had been swimming with whale sharks. And although it was a touristy affair, although it was really expensive and although we had to really look into our planning to fit it in, IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT! Our compilation below shows our encounters with the giants underwater, which was spectacular. But what it doesn’t show is how lucky we actually were. On that particular day, there were 70 – 80 whales circling the boats. When we got into the water we actually had to swim away a couple of times to make sure their giants gaping mouths didn’t take us in. It was a delight, a dream and a big big cross off the bucket list.

And with that high note Mexico was at an end for us. Now it was time for the actual Centro Americana: To Belize and beyond!

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