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No hablamos Espagnol

7 JUL 2019 - 24 JUL 2019

*Disclaimer*: This is gonna be a lot of info! Even though we already filtered A LOT we did sooo much in Mexico that it wasn’t enough to dedicate just one blog on the country. So sorry for the excessive info beforehand! We tried to lighten the text with loads of pictures.

After 4 months of traveling in the Western World we were really craving for something different. A good thing then that we planned to cross into Mexico. It took only ten minutes to realize we had arrived in a whole other world. People on the street, food stalls everywhere, great smells all around and just a country bustling of life. We dove into the local food immediately, while trying to avoid the spiciest stuff.

Next to the food we were really glad to find a lot of sleeping spots at secluded beaches. Baja California definitely has a lot of those.

If you go a little more inland an authentic desert stretches on and on and we just couldn’t help ourselves. Even in the blistering heat, we needed to get out to take some pictures.

We are not going to lie though, the heat was really brutal! There was only one way to handle it: Get into the water in any way you can! We decided to go diving for the first time on our trip around La Paz. Diving (or just snorkeling) with sea lions is one of the coolest dives we have done so far. They are curious and playful and will come to swim right in your face. They do tend to avoid the camera though (as you can see :-D).

Afterward, we decided to go surfing to cool off. The first time in a while we stayed in one place for about a week. We thought we deserved a rest after all that hard traveling :-P. Los Cerritos beach delivered all we needed: good waves (for most of the time), a nice local business with primitive Spanish lessons, a free place to sleep and a great sunset!

After a week of chilling, we were ready to take the ferry to the mainland. However, our chillie willie attitude made us miss the ferry we planned to take (Whoepsie!). Our second try the next morning didn’t go to plan either. Apparently, Harrison was and is reported stolen according to the Mexican system. Our reaction? WHAAAAT?! The American system, however, didn’t have any record of our Ford ever being stolen.. We can tell you that sweat broke out at that very moment. You can imagine the hassle at a Mexican customs office with limited Spanish. After a lot of calling back and forth to the US, we had gotten nowhere and we were really afraid we wouldn’t be able to go any further. We were very lucky the officer took pity on us and let us through anyway. The Mexican way of administration, thank god for that!

The tiny error in judgment

On our way again on the mainland, we started driving like madmen. It turns out that Mexico is quite a big country and we had only accounted for 3 weeks to drive 5200 Km. We might have made a teeny tiny error in judgment there… Oh well, nothing a good solid 10 hours of driving each day couldn’t solve right?

1450 Km from the ferry: The first actual stop around Mexico city. We found a surprisingly fun climbing area (Los dynamos) which required some hiking through the Mexican jungle. It had some fun routes and a view on Mexico City from above! But if climbing isn’t scary enough, the fact that you can put your hand in a hole were some beastie could be resident is completely exhilarating. It really lifts climbing the experience into a new level :-D

To be continued..

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