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Off into the sunset

After 3 weeks of hard work we decided we were ready for our first test ride. Granted we still needed some things to make Harrison's interior complete, but that would follow in its own time... we thought. Rookie mistake! Never assume you are done to soon! In the following days we would do drop-ins at Walmart, Ikea, Home Depot (for the gazillioned time), REI, MEC, Best buy, Walmart again and add some 'final' tweaks to the Van. You get the point, done is never truly done, until you decide that it is.

Workspace of the van coversion
Our workspace @ Family Lind

Mount Rainier National Park

View on Mount Rainier from afar.

The highlight of our test ride however was our trip to Mount Rainier National Park. We had seen him once or twice from afar driving around Seattle and that was enough to want to pay a close visit. Important fact: In winter you are obligated to carry snow chains when entering this National Park. We would soon discover why.. Also always check the road conditions before heading down on this website. We didn't but we're lucky enough to pick the right entrance!

Winter is here!

We wanted to take an easy start for our first adventure with a regular hike. Not to long, not to difficult.. but what do you know, hiking during winter in Mt Rainier NP is not an option. We ended up going for the full on skitour outfit, picked Panorama point as a goal on maps.me and off we went. Click here to view the full trip. We only did a small part of it, but we believe the whole national park is a true gem. There is loads to do and the looming Mount Rainier really catches your attention.

Also… never forget to explore the side trails. Twice already we had the pleasure to discover unique places by acting on a hunch. First we came across the Narada Falls 100m downhill from our sleeping spot in Mount Rainier NP. The half frozen waterfall was definitely worth getting down in the snow. Second, we turned off the highway for a midday run to a random spot on the map. Turned out Skagit State Wildlife Recreation site is a real gem for bird watchers and nature lovers alike. Hope we get to see more of these running spots!

Skagit Wildlife recreation site: First capture of a bird mid flight!

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