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So long Canada

30 MAR 2019 - 09 APR 2019

We found snow!

After we had given up on ever finding snow again, the Icefields Parkway finally delivered what we were looking for: good skitouring routes. We learned where we needed to go from some hitch hiking skiers we picked up. Helping people out pays off!.

1) Little crowfoot summit - short summary: An hour approach over the frozen bow lake before starting the climb up to 2629 m with an elevation difference of 918m. Lake --> Canyon --> Woody slope --> Snowy slopes. And not to forget fun powdery skiing downhill!

2) Surprise pass - short summary: A loop that gives surprising views off the back of the ultra touristy Lake Louise. Woods up --> icy slope down --> ski crampons definitely needed to get up to surprise pass --> fun skiing down --> less fun traversing over Lake Louise.

3) Mt Hector: We tried.. We failed.. After like an hour or so the slope we were heading up seemed quite impossible to ski back down from and was very prone to avalanches.. (Read Britt was too scared she couldn’t make the descent)

Oh well: 2 out of 3 is a nice average right?

Wildlife Schmildlife..

While we tried to spot wildlife in Canada with every chance we got, we didn't see anything at all.. So we were very excited to spot a couple of Elk next to the road at Banff. But still, we believe the 'Wildlife' in Canada might be a publicity stunt or tourist trap. It might just all be lies.. Just saying 😋.

The first rough patch

Poutine: a local Canadian dish that looks a lot like Belgian cuisine!

In the end we actually left Canada sooner than expected. The weather turned on us everywhere we went, unexpected seasonal road closures blocked us several times, wildlife kept hiding from us, skiable snow was hard to come by again.. At one point we arrived in Waterton Lakes National park and the ranger actually send us to another park in the neighborhood. It was clear that Canada was done with us and we got the message loud and clear! Time to move on to Montana, but not before we enjoyed some local Poutine.

Random Fact: While crossing the border from Canada to Montana we had to leave behind our oranges.. We still don't know why.

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