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South bound from now on

19 MAR 2019 - 29 MAR 2019

Hyder, Alaska: The most northern point we will ever reach on this trip and it so happened to be just across the border into Alaska. So Britt's dream came true. We visited Alaska, but we definitely need to come back to do it properly. This visit was good for one magnificent view though! We did have to put in some extra effort to get here..

View into Alaska

When Harrison meets Ice

The day before was the most unnerving so far. The morning started perfect. With the feeling of night time local hot springs (see our last post) still on our skins we set of to Stewart and decided that Harrison could handle the roads less traveled. We didn't count on an ice sheet covering the road however. One downhill slope to many and Harrison went "POEF" straight into a snow filled ditch.. A little worried we got to work: trying to back out, digging out the snow, cranking up our van, searching for big tree trunks, trying to make a wooden platform for the wheels... 4 hours later and the tree trunks broke while backing up again. A little panic now... And then a helpful Canadian came along and put a lot of effort in yanking us out with his car chained to ours. Thanks indefinitely to the unknown benefactor. We did left a bit of a mess behind.. Sorry!

Welcome to Mountain Time

After a whole lot of driving (Britt forgot her backpack in Stewart which lead to a 3h detour. Yes.. typical...) it was time for our first big national park: Jasper. So excited to be here! Time to hang out and act the tourist:

✔ Maligne lake

✔ Moose lake

✔ Maligne canyon (with some downhill skating: SO NIIICE)

✔ Pyramid Lake

✔ Icefields Parkway

✔ Athabasca Falls

✔ Peyto Lake

We did see our share of frozen lakes, but no 'wild' wildlife yet..

Our off the beaten track stops involved a wonderful sport climbing day at Juno Wall with amazing views and a frustrating hike to Big Bend campsite. Okay, we have been complaining about this hike on our social media and we have to say that it was worth it. The view at the end of the hike was amazing and it was a real adventure: All alone at the campground, warming ourselves by the fire, sleeping on the snow.. But be honest, falling every 5 steps through the snow and reaching an a average pace of 1,2 km/h would get you frustrated just as much! And sometimes we just need something to complain about ☺️.

Stunning view from the Big Bend Campsite

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