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We suck at crack climbing or does crack climbing suck? Probably the former!

29 APR 2019 – 16 MAY 2019

Yep! We suck at crack climbing!

After our sightseeing times in the national parks we needed to get into active mode again. City of Rocks National Reserve really delivered on that account. We liked this part of Idaho so much that we stayed for a whole week. Meanwhile we tried to get more into the crack climbing scene. We noticed again that our sport climbing experience does nothing really to help us in these cracks. We scavenged the internet for tips on technique and tried to get into it: hand jams, fist jams, something that looks like finger jams, fumbling with our feet cams. But there was really no escaping the truth: We sucked at this type of climbing and we really didn’t know what we were doing at all. When we were not scared shitless, we were still having fun though.

For the more technical people out there: We topped a couple of 5a and 5b (5.7 and 5.8) climbs, alternating the leads. Jup, real skills out here! 😅 After a few days we needed to crank our ego back up with some sport climbing. We did find a couple of really fun multi pitches with rappels and fiddled around with the drone. We still feel like Tom Cruise every time we slide down a big piece of rock! This one you can check out on our instagram, but sometimes we do normal stuff to..

Our second home away from home

Lime flavoured jello WITH pineapple chunks: Yummie!

An added benefit of City of Rocks was that we met a couple of like minded climbers to spend the evenings with. Mark and Julie even took us in in their beautiful home in Salt Lake City. We can’t thank them enough for their generosity. Even though we love Harrison, a room to stand up in and a private shower were definitely a welcome change. But the best part was the company. We loved the cozy evening with a movie, all the advise for our future travels and climbs, the introduction to some genuine Utah Jello and the late night conversations so much.. Even though we stayed for just two days, it was very difficult to leave the homy feeling. We needed to admit that we miss you guys at home as well.

The outdoor paradise called Moab

Moab, our next actual stop turned out to be such a cool place! With two national parks on the doorstep and tons of world class climbing around, we fitted right in.

First the National Parks:

Arches National park versus Canyonlands National Park. The former was our first encounter with real crowds. Something we hadn’t seen so far. Getting to the park early was a real must otherwise the waiting line already started at the entrance. We even rose at sunrise to get to the famous Delicate Arch without the hords —> Auwch!

We do get why instagram is loaded with iconic pictures of this national park. The arches are truly amazing to see, the red rock makes it all extra special and the hiking with clambering over the rock was really fun. On our short stay here we actually did a number of hikes worth doing. During the primitive trail of Devil’s garden we even got a little bit lost for like an hour or so.. Whoops! Apparently we can climb a mountain and find our way over glaciers, but we get lost on a marked trail in a national park 🙄. The Fiery Furnace was definitely cool, but you might already know our view off the permit system for this hike. It might not be the worst thing in the world to trade this one in for a spectacular hike in the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park. Clambering over rock ✔ , seeing spectacular red rock formations ✔ , no stampede of people ✔ , super cool slot canyon ✔ , no permit required for hiking here ✔ ! We also noticed that this part gets a lot less visitors than the Island in the sky district of Canyonlands NP. And while the Island in the sky part is fun to visit, we just loved the Needles so much more. Just want to get the word out 😉.

The Needles district

Second, the climbing:

Since we don’t want to be known as quitters we attempted the crack climbing again at Wall street (sounds familiar?) and Indian Creek. Short summary.. After the first crag we really needed some ice cream to lessen the blow of still sucking so hard. In the second crag we just asked some random people to hang a top rope for us. This tactic worked a little better, but even then reaching the top of the route was to much to ask for. We will still try cracking in the future, but for now we are a bit fed up with it. In between of these moments of sucking, we found one of the coolest rocks so far: Looking glass rock. The climb up was easy peasy, a welcome change for us! The rappel down involved squeezing through a whole first and then free sliding down. To top it off we met some people who knew how to install a rope swing here and shared it with us! Check it out below! It's just the coolest thing that we are able to do these things by meeting nice people.

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